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The Emotional Cost of Caregiving

Whether you're a professional, a family member or both, being a caregiver can be profoundly rewarding but extremely exhausting at the same. Many families have loved ones who are living with chronic medical conditions or facing end-of-life issues. The financial cost of caregiving is well known, but the emotional and physical strain that results from extended caregiving are often not addressed.

The Aging Nursing Workforce

There’s a perfect storm brewing in health care. As the baby boomer generation continues to age, they will have more extensive health care needs — but how many nurses are baby boomers who will be in that same predicament?

Homemade Health: Testing the Validity of Treat-It-Yourself Remedies

There are many old sayings related to health that we hear so often, we believe them to be inherently true...

MSN Candidate to Help Fill the Primary Care Provider Gap

Nursing@Simmons is proud to shine a spotlight on our students. This week, meet Nikole McLean who details her career as a nursing leader and why she decided to join Simmons.

"Mad Men" Meets Pharma

Big Pharma’s "Mad Men" exploit lax government regulation to enrich themselves at the cost of society’s health. Their manufacturing, advertising, and sales practices have received considerable criticism, yet the industry’s financial ties to legislators have prevented significant reform and even spurred policy that favors Big Pharma over the public good. Consumers, especially those with a lower income, inevitably pay the price.

Multilingual Health Care

Navigating the elaborate health care system can be complicated enough, but for limited English proficient (LEP) patients, the challenges are especially difficult.