Student Spotlight: Michael Toledo

Nursing@Simmons student Michael Toledo is a Miami, Florida, native who started his career as a basic X-ray machine operator at 20 years old. He worked in various health care settings, including urgent care, orthopedics, and family practice, until earning his associate degree in nursing at the age of 32. For the past seven years, he's been an ICU nurse in Wellington, Florida.

Learn more about Michael, who is a part of the RN to MSN program's January 2015 cohort, in the Q&A below.

Why did you decide to earn your Master of Science in Nursing?

I decided to earn a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) because I want to help people on a personal level and encourage true lifestyle change through guidance, education, and practice. I believe most medicinal and medical care is directed at symptom management and not true health and healing. I feel like this is where I can truly shine as a patient advocate and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

Why did you decide to pursue your degree with Nursing@Simmons?

I chose to pursue a degree with Nursing@Simmons after speaking with an Admissions Counselor. Simmons prepares leaders in health care and has decades of experience training Nurse Practitioners. I've been in the Nursing@Simmons RN to MSN program since January 2015.

What excites you most about the program?

I'm most excited about learning how to work with patients using evidence-based practice and the knowledge of healthy lifestyles to improve self-care deficits. The advantage of not having to relocate to complete a campus-based program is a huge benefit of the Nursing@Simmons program. The online format allows me to move forward with my marriage and life while continuing my education and career.

I love the attention I receive from the Simmons faculty, especially my clinical placement coordinator and my dedicated student support specialist. They respond to emails promptly and I am never left guessing about the next steps I need to take to move forward in the program.

Is there a course you have particularly enjoyed?

I thoroughly enjoyed my community health course. I learned a lot about patient care outside of a hospital or acute-care setting. My clinical rotation at a local free community health center changed my view on community clinics and the clients they treat. This class and rotation helped me realize that I want to be part of a community health program moving forward in my career as an FNP.

After graduation what is next for you?

I will be proud to be a Simmons graduate as I advance my career as a leader in health care.