11 Nursing Blogs for Aspiring Practitioners

Advances in health care and the challenges of meeting patient needs have opened the door to a multitude of new opportunities for Family Nurse Practitioners, but it can be difficult to understand the day-to-day culture of the nursing profession until you've lived it.

With that in mind, Nursing@Simmons has curated a list of great nursing blogs to help new and aspiring nurse practitioners gain more insight into the unique joys and challenges that define the field today. The list is not designed to be exhaustive, but to highlight some of the most active, passionate and popular voices in the nursing community. As they address nursing concerns ranging from health policy and best practices to fashionable scrubs and stress reduction, these blogs recognize and honor a remarkable clinical community.

Daily Nurse, @DailyNursing

Think of Daily Nurse as an online newspaper for nurses and nursing students. It brims with useful stories about clinical concerns, nursing trends, and self-help advice about stress management. Topics cover the spectrum of a nursing career, from "What Happens after You Graduate from Nursing School?" to "Ageism in Nursing: Dispelling the Myths." The blog tackles hot-button issues such as scope of practice for nurses, and it provides a list of job openings for nurses across the United States.

Digital Doorway, @nursekeith

Blogger Keith Carlson, a career coach for nurses and a nurse himself, has dispensed common-sense advice to help care providers navigate career moves, cope with difficult personnel situations and avoid burnout. He also makes note of the way nurses are portrayed in popular culture, calling out those who ignore their vital role in health care. In one post, he says, "When I see such an egregious demonstration of how nurses are marginalized and ignored, my (nurse's) blood boils and the hair on my neck stands on end."

Elizabeth Scala, @ElizabethScala

Elizabeth Scala's blog mentors nurses both new and experienced. Posts range from nursing career tips to strategies for aspiring nurse leaders, and often include videos recorded by Scala. Posts on evergreen concerns such as how to spend more time with patients elicit lively responses from readers. Newly minted nurses can read thoughtful suggestions from Scala designed to keep them motivated.

Innovative Nurse, @innovativenurse

For blogger and radio host Kevin Ross, RN, nursing and business go hand in hand. Ross takes an entrepreneurial approach to the field, urging nurses to promote their skills in the health care marketplace and search beyond hospitals and health clinics for career possibilities. Posts such as "Does Your Brand Need to be Resuscitated?" focus on creating a professional identity using marketing and social media.

The Inspiration Nurse @DonnaCardilloRN

Motivational speaker and author Donna Cardillo dispenses pep talks, dismisses misinformation, and gives advice on sound health care practices. In "5 Myths about Ebola," for instance, she addresses questions and concerns stoked by an outbreak of the disease.

Minority Nurse, @minoritynurse

The Minority Nurse blog, an extension of Minority Nurse Magazine, champions the increasing diversity of the nursing field and reflects on issues that affect minority communities within it. The blog welcomes visitors to a professional support network where they can find back-to-nursing school tips, scholarship information, and advice on how to deal with a difficult professor. Readers meet students like Nam Pham, who plans to operate a mobile health clinic when he graduates.

The Nerdy Nurse, @TheNerdyNurse

Blogger Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, boils down essentials into handy lists such as “10 Best Stethoscopes for Nurses,”5 Reasons Why Every Nurse Should Wear Compression Socks,” and “Top 9 Nursing Shoes for Men.” Since The Nerdy Nurse’s debut in 2010, Wilson, a champion of “technology empowerment” in the nursing field, has often written big-picture articles about informatics and the use of patient data to enhance health care quality and efficiency.

Nursetopia, @joniwatson

Oncology nurse Joni Watson describes her blog as "a random stream of consciousness about nursing and the world we impact." You will find just that: Watson reviews books such as "One in a Billion: The Story of Nic Volker and the Dawn of Genomic Medicine," pens professional reflection pieces, and posts downloadable cards inscribed with inspiring quotes for especially difficult days.

Off the Charts, @AmJNurs

Published by the American Journal of Nursing, Off the Charts offers timely content linked to current events and emergencies, such as the flooding in Louisiana in August 2016. Posts provide insight on a variety of topics, including health care policy, patient safety, and digital health. Personal stories, such as an account by a nurse who cared for her mother-in-law who had suffered a stroke, add a welcome emotional dimension to an increasingly complex clinical practice.

One Strong Voice, @ANANursingWorld

Launched by the American Nurses Association, One Strong Voice covers clinical practice advances, hospital regulation, and issues such as the predicted nursing shortage. This blog also calls attention to discredited protocols, such as prescribing aspirin when it may be unwarranted. Posts also examine U.S. Census data and other sources to update readers on the nursing profession's shifting demographics.

Scrubs, @ScrubsMagazine

Scrubs is a lifestyle blog for nurses with a sense of humor. Beauty tips and amusing distractions are as much a part of this publication as advice on succeeding in nursing school and work-life balance. Readers can find tips on nurse salaries and specialties. >"How well do you speak Nurse?" and other light-hearted quizzes will keep readers engaged long after their shift ends.

Now it is your turn: who did we miss? If you have a notable blog or other online resources to add to the list, let us know by emailing social@onlinenursing.simmons.edu